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Kant Twist Clamp

The Kant Twist Clamp is an oldie in metal workshops, first invented back in the early 1950s it's a clamp that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's low profile jaws, and screw which sits out of the way of clamping makes it ideal for many workholding operations. Using these plans, and the video companion linked at the bottom of this page, you can learn how to make your own Kant Twist Clamp. Regardless if you're a seasoned workshop dog or just starting out in the game it's a fun little project, and gives you something you can actually use in the end.

Included in the plans are both a twelve-page PDF with dimensions for all the parts, IGES 3d files to allow you to load up the clamp into your favourite CAD software as well as a printable PDF-template for the two braces, to aid in layout.

So many things, for a low cost, get the plans today and start building!

Difficulty: medium

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