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Miniature Tripod Tilt Head

This tripod tilt head is a much smaller version of tilt heads which are available commercially. Made entirely out of aluminium (fasteners aside) it's also light weight, allowing mounting on small tripods and monopods. This can even be mounted to the smallest version of the Joby Gorilla tripods to great success.

If you haven't already, be sure to watch the video of what this tilt head is all about, and what it is capable of. Also, if you decide to make your own, the video is a great companion to follow along with your build. You do not necessarily need all the tools explained in the video, you could definitely make one much like it with hand tools and a drill press, even in other materials such as wood or plastic.

The plans not only include the schematic for the tripod head, but also a 3D CAD model for you to explore and modify on your own.

Difficulty: medium

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